Mentally Sound Show 2 10/04/15

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  • Song Name: 15:00 10-04-2015

Steven Heslewood (Hesse) and Carol Robinson present our second show, broadcast live 10/04/15.

Content includes:

Scott Latty Mental Health in the Workplace: Scott monologues about employers attitude and experiences with mental health

Poetry from Hazel Mclead

Becky interviewing Kyle about eating disorders and the gender discrimination associated with anorexia.

LGBT pride: Alisdair interviews support group from LGBT about the support available and the mental health issues gained by being discriminated against with sexuality

Self-harm-Carol interviews her friend Steve about self harm, how to recover, and the positives steps to take to have a better, more positive life.

plus, live studio interviews with: Black Dog Runner (mental health news), Ricky and jules who reads some poetry!