Mentally Sound show 4 12/6/2015

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Steven Heslewood (Geek Apocalypse) solo presents the podcast showcasing all the best pre recorded content from show 4, as the live recorded segments were lost due to technical issues! still a great show!
please go to to find more info on LD events happening right now!

Content includes:

Bill interviews Sue Taylor from Sight Service about helping the Visually Impared with mental health issues, her recent funding success and what sight service provides.

Selma Starr: live recording of 2 songs of Selmas live gig in Liverpool doing beatles covers!

john lawlor interview part 1: part of a three part series where Victoria and becky interview john Lawlor, Chief executive of the northumberland tyne and wear NHS trust, about the difficulties treating mental health and mental being treated just as important as physical health.

carol interviews Reese and Steve about self harm and how to receive help

Mental Health in Cinema with Wayne and Victoria: the life and career of orson welles!

awesome poetry from jules

bills interview with Derrick about Learning Disability in south Tyneside!