Mentally Sound Show 6 (14/8/15)

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  • Song Name: 14:00 14-08-2015
  • Year: 2015

teven Heslewood (Hesse) and guest host Sharon Race present our 6th show broadcast live 14/8/15

Content includes

Introducing Sharon: Steven catches up with Sharon and her laughter for lasses project!
Sharon And guest Julie do comedy: Sharon and her comedy friend Julie perform some sketches that have come out of Sharons project
We sit down and interview Julie about comedy.
John Lawlor interview part 3 - Chief Exec NTW the last part in the series of interviews
MH News –Ricky talks through some mental health related news with the hosts
Ricky and the hosts interview War veteran Jason about PTSD and the crew debate issues with treating anyone with mental health and if war heros should get special treatment.

We had technical issues throughout so alot of the show is live, apologise to any pre recorded content we couldnt play.